June 2012, Parsippany, NJ – Old artificial flowers which were sold in the marketplace used to be tacky and unrealistic, but not anymore! Jodhpuri Inc announces expansion on their brand new “SCENTED Real Touch Stems” product line. The “REAL TOUCH” name reflects the realistic or natural feel of the flower. Each variety has an authentic scent. The flowers are shaped from sculpted molds of high precision forming abilities and the amazing elasticity of stems, foliage and buds are similar to the bending and flexibility of real flowers. All flowers are scented and this art of manufacturing artificial silk flowers has allowed us to offer a brand new artificial floral product in the market which has a real look, feel and smell. Jodhpuri Inc has a patent pending on “SCENTED ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS” directed to artificial “REAL TOUCH FLOWERS™”.

We have the most popular varieties available such as open roses, rose buds and tulips. They are available in a wide assortment of different colors, style, fragrances and sized to suit your taste and décor. You can create your own scented real touch floral bouquet by buying individual stems of these different flowers, colors and fragrances. When placed in a floral vase these real touch flowers will liven up your surroundings with its rich colors, fragrance and its real look. To buy our products online please visit us at

The benefit of these new modern real touch artificial flowers is that they do not look unreal compared to traditional artificial flowers; the products are long lasting with no maintenance. Scented Real Touch Flowers™ products are available under private label as well as under the Jodhpuri label.

Jodhpuri Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Scented Real Touch Flowers, Water Acrylics, Artificial Greenery, Reed Diffusers, Potpourri, Incense, Fragrance oils, etc.

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